convert mbox to pst

Take a professional approach towards converting MBOX to PST!

Converting MBOX to PST, the task on everybody’s to-do list that they either keep procrastinating or compromise with its result. Nobody wants to do it right away. Reason? Lack of proper means of carrying out the process successfully and effectively. Well, no more. USL Software brings you to the best way of doing so.

MBOX and PST: The reason for incompatibility

MBOX is one of the most prominently used format amongst email clients on MacOS. Due to its generic and versatile nature, it is used by many email clients. And is very compatible with most email clients.

PST or Personal Storage Table is the format used by Windows Outlook. It is a format proprietary to Microsoft. Therefore, no other email client can use it. Anything that needs to be imported into Outlook needs to be converted into PST format.

That is the problem that arises when you need to transfer your data from any MacOS based email client to Windows Outlook. You’ll need to convert MBOX data to Outlook. Unfortunately, you have to do it all on your own. There is no default or common way to carry out this conversion process.

Converting MBOX to PST

You can either manually convert all the data present in your MBOX files or can go for a professional converter tool. When converting the data manually you’ll have some prerequisite that you need to match.

You’ll need an intermediate account with high storage facility and the ability to implement IMAP protocol. You can carry out small conversions with this approach. But when the size of database increases, this approach starts to fail.

Professional converter tools are the recommended way of carrying out the conversion process. They are backed by modern technology and provide you with all the necessary features to get your MBOX to Outlook conversion process completed without any problems.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is the best choice to go for. The tool provides everything that you need to get the job done.

mbox to pst

Retain the folder hierarchy of your input files 

Folder hierarchy is one of the aspects of conversion process that most converter tools ignore. Messy folder structures produced in the output files can becomes a real menace. Messed up folder structure makes things confusing and makes it harder to carry out post conversion operations. But now you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

This converter tool retains the folder hierarchy of your input file during the conversion process. It gives your output file an exact similar structure to that of your input files. Thus, making it easier for you to manage things post your MBOX to PST Conversion.

converting mbox to pst

Interface makes it easier

The efficiency that the interface of this tool adds to your conversion process cannot be ignored. The tool provides you with one of the easiest to use interface. It is simple, clean and only displays the necessary features to you.

Plus, it provides a step by step guide to all its users to ensure that you don’t face any problems while converting your MBOX data to PST.

Get the free mbox to pst converter for your evaluation.


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